S. Toscano

Contemporary & Impressionistic Art

I have a very simple approach to my painting.  Rather than rendering details, I focus on light, color and shape and how they fit together with rhythm.

I use creative license...most of my work comes from my imagination and experiences from places I have been.

I like to work with excitement. I'm not a preplanner - once the paint is on the canvas, the work goes fast.  I will mix pure color right on the painting surface - putting down one color, suggest another, layer after layer, wet on wet.

I find myself experimenting with the rules, pushing values and color beyond realism.  There's a certain magic that happens between me and the canvas when things are really working.

My goal is to paint with spontaneity and what excites me and then pass that on to the viewer. 

This is a sampling of my work.   To see more of my work and for pricing, contact me directly. 

Commission painting also available.