So! You've got your Cosmetology/Hair Stylist license....now.....BECOME A P.H.D (Professional Hair Designer)

Are you new to the industry? 

Have you been out of the game for a while?   

Do you rent a booth and need more confidence?

Come to the P.H.D BOOTCAMP...the bridge between School and the REAL WORLD of PROFESSIONAL HAIR DESIGN


1-on-1 personalized education, in a salon environment working on your friends, family and the public. Giving you an opportunity to work on your craft, perfect your skills while learning the trade secrets to take your profession to the next level.  Custom designed In-Salon workshop, working on LIVE models/clients. This is NOT just a class with 30 other people and going home with a mannequin head. 

Train with Steven Toscano, THE MASTER on precision haircutting!


Bootcamp with Steven Toscano will transform your business and give you a new sense of motivation, new skills, new techniques and more confidence. If you are looking to grow your career and learn the art of hair-design, working 1-on-1 with Steven in his Luxury Studio/Salon in Castle Rock,CO. 

Bootcamp classes are held Tuesday –Friday from 11-6

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